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YAMAHA/ヤマハ SPS-90-B(ブラック) 2台1組


寒くなって来てから、煮込み料理をよく作ります。 週に一度デリバリーして...

Material:100% genuine leather
Glove Size:XX-Large
Size:Approx 5-5.5'' / 12.7-13.97 cm

・Flexible TPR provide complete full length finger and thumb protection
・Heavy duty TPR top hand/upper knuckle guard for impact and crush protection
・100% genuine leather palm and fingers for ultra dexterity
・Double layer 100% genuine leather with EVA foam padding
・Secure and comfortable fit with hook/loop closure strap
・Dual stitched and reinforced thumb patch for added wear protection
・Pre-contoured design and 2-way stretch rib spandex for added comfort and fitment
・Hi-visibility design

SetWear XX-Large Oil Rigger Gloves (Black/Green) are high dexterity gloves with the specific needs of the oil/gas extraction industry in mind. This gloves features 100% genuine leather finger sidewalls for additional wear and abrasion protection.SetWear XX-Large Oil Rigger Gloves Black/Green OIL06012/カメラバッグ/カメラケース/Bag/Case/カメラ/camera/アクセサリー SWOIL06012
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